Online Learning and UofT Graduate Programs

A new resource from the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) will be of great value for programs that currently offer e-learning initiatives or may be planning on doing so in the future. To access this document visit:

Guidelines for eLearning in Graduate Academic Programs

As noted in the executive summary, the recently published SGS guidelines provide “terminology and definitions, outline the required approvals, and guide the reader’s thinking to broad questions of appropriate use, to quality and technical considerations, to principles and practice, to approval paths, and finally to resources.”

While our Online Undergraduate Course Initiative and explorations in world of MOOCs through Open Utoronto initiatives are new and noteworthy, we should also recognize the importance of our UofT graduate programs offered in fully online formats. According to data collected from the ROSI student information system last year, we had 63 graduate courses that were fully online, with a total of 1,484 student registrations across all sections. While some programs have considerable experience with fully online and hybrid modes* already, others are moving through the proposal stage or ready to being offering new flexible options in the near future. These new guidelines from SGS are research-informed and provide an excellent foundation for ensuring the quality of our e-learning initiatives.

* For more information on terminology, visit the CTSI Instructor Toolkit for Online Learning.

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