Active Learning for Faculty

Over the past few weeks several of the Active Learning: Online Redesign (ALOR) project faculty leads have been working on outreach and capacity development within their own divisions or departments.  Many instructors are taking the time to recharge and refresh by attending local faculty events. Here is a “sampler” of ALOR initiatives that target discussion and dialogue among peers with shared interests and goals. 

Annual Showcase and Celebration of Teaching
April 9, 2014

Steve Joordens and his team were sharing the latest on improvements and development of support strategies for three online tools that support active learning at the UTSC teaching showcase. The Advanced Learning Technology Lab team has been focused on enhancement to the mTuner assessment tool and Digital Labcoat scientific simulation tool as part of the ALOR project. In addition, new resources to support users of PeerScholar are now available. There is growing interest and uptake of these research-informed tools by instructors of other courses in conjunction with broader strategies for UTSC Psychology program and beyond. Great work!

UTSC ALOR Team Photo

Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing (LSBoN)
Online Learning Design Workshop

April 15, 2014

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of co-facilitating a Nursing faculty workshop with Margaret Blastorah (Assistant Professor, Director of Graduate Program), Michael Morrow (OISE) and Fareed Teja (Academic Technologist at the LSBoN), Also under the umbrella of the ALOR initiative, the half day session centered around a course design process framework with emphasis on assessment and learning activity design for online and hybrid courses. A range of tools and strategies for engaging students were showcased, with a focus on various uses within the context of nursing. This was a “hands-on” workshop and faculty teams were able to prepare the design for development of a new component for their course. Great instructors with great ideas!

Nursing Workshop Collage Photo

Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering (FASE)
Reusable Learning Objects
April 24, 2014

Dr. Scott Ramsay has developed a range of creative in-lecture demonstrations, video content and other course materials for courses he teaches at FASE. The focus of this first set of resources is the mechanical behavior of solids. These Reusable Learning Objects (RLO’s) are related to material science and chemistry topics relevant to other Engineering courses and have been designed for potential re-use by other instructors teaching the same concepts.  Dr. Ramsay recently provided colleagues, teaching assistants and educational technology professionals with a showcase of his work and invited feedback on ideas for future development and for practical use across courses. One example of Ramsay’s exploration is the production of the same instructional video content in three different modes, providing an opportunity to gather data on student preferences and learning styles.

Examples of Three Video Formats

Congratulations to our ALOR faculty leads on their community-oriented outreach and capacity development!

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