Ontario Online Updates

Exciting news! The MTCU has approved ten nullUniversity of Toronto collaborative project proposals for the 2015 round of their province-wide Shared Online Course fund. Each of the following will receive ~$75,000, with a deadline of Sept 2015 for completion of development:


  • Introductory Chemistry from a Materials Perspective  (Scott Ramsay – FASE)
  • Introduction to Neuroscience (Bill Ju – FAS)

Learning Modules:

  • Statistics for Research  (Alison Gibbs – FAS)
  • Instruction in Neuroscience (William Ju – FAS)
  • Cognitive Psychology & Cognitive Neuroscience for Designers & Engineers (Mark Chignell – FASE)
  • Electromagnetic Physics and Electric Circuits (Belinda Wang – FASE)
  • Ethics in Engineering (Brenda McCabe – FASE)
  • Introduction to Programming Language Structures in C (Andrew Petersen – UTM)
  • Mathematics Skill Development (Zohreh Shahbazi – UTSC)
  • Digital Labcoat: Virtual Lab (Steve Joordens – UTSC)

Photos of design day activities

In this context, a “Module” is a set of shared curriculum resources that can be re-used in multiple courses or across different institutions. Given the tight timelines, in order to get these projects up and running quickly, we held a Module Design Workshop Day for lead instructors and their teams on Wed. Feb 18. All teams were in attendance to discuss design plans, production strategies, media integration, accessibility, packaging and hosting, and more! We are following up with additional webinars on key topics.

UofT’s success in securing funding for 10 new projects will allow us to continue to participate in the shaping of the broader provincial Online Learning landscape.

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