New Online Undergrad Courses in Coming Academic Year

The new Online Undergraduate Course Initiative is well underway with plenty of development activity happening this summer. Currently there are 10 courses being redesigned for online delivery, distributed across a range of divisions and departments as you will see in the summary table below.

In order to support our instructors in the process, we incorporated an “online course” cohort within the two day Course Design Institute facilitated by CTSI in late May. Selected program components on Day 2 of the institute were differentiated to address their specific needs and also Educational Technology professionals and librarians were also invited to attend and participate in the design/planning activities.

All of the courses are being developed using a team-based approach with recognized principles of effective design underpinning the process. Education Technology professionals, Librarians, TAs and Course Coordinators are all involved in the process and to ensure quality of the online experience we begin by re-visiting the learning goals for the course and use Dee Fink’s “backwards design” method to ensure we reach those goals.

Each course has unique needs, specific to the learners and the discipline; one size does not fit all! A range of new tools, formats and scaffolding strategies are being introduced, including two courses that will begin by moving to a blended model, and in the subsequent year to a fully online mode.  Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months.

OUCI Funded Online Undergrad Courses Currently in Development
July 6, 2012

Planning & Geog. FAS Don Boyes GGR272 Geographic Info & Mapping I Fall 2012
Cell & Systems Biology FAS Melody Neumann & Ken Yip CSB200Y Current Topics in Molecular Biology Fall 2012 – Blended
Fall 2013 – Online
Human Biology FAS Franco Taverna HMB220 – Introduction to Neurobiology Winter 2013
PHE FKPE Greg Wells PHE429H – Exercise for Children with Chronic
Winter 2013
CCIT UTM Lee Bailey CCT225- Data Analysis I Fall 2012 – Blended
Fall 2013 – Online (TBC)
History and Religion UTM Shafique Virani 99Y  –
Research Opportunity Program
Fall 2012
Geography UTM Barb Murck ENV100 – Intro to the Environment Fall 2012
Psychology UTSC Steve Joordens PSYA01 Intro Psych 1 Fall 2012
Psychology UTSC Steve Joordens PSYA02 Intro Psych 2 Winter 2013
CTL UTSC Elaine Khoo CTLA01 Foundations in Effective Academic Communication Summer 2013

In addition to work on course design, there are also discussions and initiatives are underway involving our registrars, library colleagues and educational technology professionals from interested divisions. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time to discuss your plans and projects.

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