Online Course Development Update 2013

On May 15 & 16 the annual Course Re/Design Institute was facilitated by CTSI on the St. George campus. Among the participants there were 7 instructors who are developing online courses, some with previous experience teaching online, but many new to this arena. This is the second year that we have had the “online cohort” at the institute, for the most part connected with courses that are funded for redesign through the Online Undergraduate Course Initiative. It was exciting to see the ideas and conversations emerging from the group, and by all accounts the instructors left with new ideas and confidence in beginning the re/design process for online instruction.

On Day 1, our online cohort was integrated with the larger group of instructors from across disciplines and departments, working through the process of conceptualizing the “big picture” goals and the learning needs of our students using the Backward Design approach developed by Grant Wiggins and and Jay McTighe. The group were also introduced to D. Fink’s model for Designing Courses for Significant Learning. The underpinnings of online course design are grounded in consideration of the same questions and planning processes as one would undertake for a well-designed classroom course.

Image of planning documents

During Day 2 we broke into our own group to explore aspects of design that are of particular concern for courses that are fully online. Instructors were each paired with an Educational Technology Professional from their division or from CTSI who assisted them with thinking through the mapping of their online course, identifying assessment methods, online activities and digital resources that might be appropriate to reaching their design goals. To browse guidelines, ideas and examples you may use in your own course, please visit the CTSI web site Online Learning resource area.

The following courses are confirmed for redesign with plans for fully online instruction in the coming academic year:

2013-14 Projects – Design Phase
Kim Widger Nursing NUR430 – Research Course Fall 2013
Shai Cohen Engineering APS 162 -Calculus for Engineers I Fall 2013
APS 163 -Calculus for Engineers II Winter 2014
Don Boyes FAS GGR273 – GIS Geography II Fall 2013
Julia Mikahilova FAS SLA Advanced Writing in Russian Winter 2014
Michelle Troberg UTM LIN204 English Grammar (Phase 1) Fall 2013
Hakob Barsegnyan FAS HPS100 Introduction to History and Philosophy of Science (Phase 1) Fall 2013
2012-13 Projects – Final Fully Online Phase
Elaine Khoo UTSC CTLA01 Foundations in Communication Summer 2013
Lee Bailey UTM CCT226 Data Analysis Fall 2013
Melody Neumann FAS CSB200 Current Topics in Molecular Biology Fall 2013
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