Video Strategies

Welcome to the Video Strategies page. Here you will see examples of different types of lecture video styles as used by University of Toronto faculty. In addition, we discuss some pros and cons of recording for each style. There is also a video production matrix to guide the decision process in terms of editing time required and what kind of skill set is required for developing each style of video.


Picture in Picture | PPT and Green Screen | Voice Over PPT | Document Camera

Tablet Capture | Chalkboard Video | On-site Capture | Studio Capture | Webcam

1) Picture in Picture Recording


  • Students benefit from seeing both the professor and the material in visual form.
  • During the video, it’s nice for students to always have some movement on the screen that they can look at, rather than listening to someone talking to completely static slides.
  • Students want to feel like they are getting to know the instructor.


  • “Floating head” can be distracting and get in the way of slide content.

Picture in Picture Video

2) PowerPoint and Green Screen

  • Similar PROS and CONS to Picture in Picture Recording (above). Will take longer in post production.

Green Screen Video

3) Voice Over PowerPoint


  • Easy and fast, especially when PowerPoint is already created.
  • If done well, can allow for ‘one-on-one’ feel between the instructor and the online learner.


  • Usually comes across as a presentation not a conversation.
  • Can be difficult to spark and sustain learner engagement because of static visuals (keep visuals moving!).

Voiceover PPT Video

 4) Document Camera


  • Easy to do and quick to produce.
  • Great for conveying more difficult concepts.
  • Can allow for ‘one-on-one’ feel between the instructor and online learner (use hand writing).


  • Engagement is only through voice and annotations, which is not everyone’s strong suit.
  • Editing not as easy as Tablet Capture (below) since physical hand is seen.

 Document Camera Video

5) Tablet Capture


  • It is easy to do and excellent for conveying heavy concepts.
  • Can allow for ‘one-on-one’ feel between the instructor and online learner (use hand writing).
  • Because the speaker is not visible, these videos can be heavily and easily edited, so you can start and stop multiple times.


  • Engagement is only conveyed via voice, annotations and drawing, which is not everyone’s strong suit.
  • Can be time consuming for the instructor/creator to draw everything and record voice.

Tablet Capture Video

6) Chalkboard Video (“Chalk and Talk”)


  • During the video, it’s nice for students to always have movement on the screen that they can look at.
  • Students feel they get to know the instructor.
  • Easy to do and good for conveying heavy concepts.


  • A lot of back to the camera/talking facing chalkboard can be discouraging to watch.

Chalkboard Video

7) On Site Shoot/Interview


  • Excellent for adding a personal touch and connection to the videos.
  • Adds variety to the course.


  • Content, video and audio errors are difficult to correct.
  • May require lots of post production work for noise, light, etc.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 3.55.00 PM

8) Studio Set Up/ Green Screen (including in-office studio)


  • Controlled environment with professional equipment is set up for a productive session.
  • Can create a highly polished product (especially with Green Screen).


  • May find difficulty being personable for audience in the controlled environment.
  • Expensive to set up.
  • May be difficult to schedule studio time.

Studio Set Up Video

9) “Home-Video” style/Webcam Video


  • Easy to schedule.
  • Can be really personable and convey one-on-one feel.


  • Audio and lighting quality can be weak and convey lack of planning and forethought.
  • Requires some filming skills and set up time on your end.

Web Camera Video



Video Length vs
Production Ratio (Mins*)

*Low Estimates
Required Technical Skill Level for Instructor  Lead Time for Post Production

Green Screen Video
 Voiceover PPT Video 1:6 MEDIUM LOW
 Document Camera Video 1:3 LOW LOW
 Tablet Capture Video 1:10 HGH LOW
 Chalkboard Video 1:5 LOW LOW
 Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 3.55.00 PM 1:20 LOW HIGH
 Studio Set Up Video 1:25 LOW HIGH

Web Camera Video


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