DLI Strategic Framework

Updated July 19, 2021

The primary mandate of the Digital Learning Innovation (DLI) portfolio is to lead the incubation of emergent digital learning initiatives in support of the broader academic mission of the institution. The following core support activities contribute to extension and enhancement of learning innovation across undergraduate and graduate program areas:

  • Exploring and evaluating emergent learning technologies and practices
  • Supporting transformative initiatives that enhance instruction and learner experience by acting as institutional catalyst, coordinator and/or consultant
  • Guiding cultural change to build momentum for a digital learning innovation mindset

The portfolio aims to provide agile support to members of the university community in response to the rapid change in the digital learning landscape in higher education. By sharing information and coordinating projects that span academic program areas across three campuses, innovative practices can be identified, implemented and evaluated through pilot projects or new initiatives.

The Digital Learning Strategies portfolio leverages funding programs, professional development activities and project consultation services to build momentum and enable innovative approaches to enhance the student experience.

Opportunity Examples
Flexible access Fully online, hybrid, technology-enhanced and MOOC courses
Program path customization Models combining online and face-to-face components
Content design Interactive learning, open educational resources, virtual reality
Course format synchronous or asynchronous; self-directed modules
Digital enablers Peer feedback, work integrated learning supports, online proctoring

Alignment with Strategic Priorities

Current strategic priorities have been established through an extensive IT@UofT strategic planning process, in combination with specific directives from the CIO and the VP-IUE. DLI priorities are reviewed annually, and revised in response to emergent opportunities. The work of DLI aligns with the following published institutional priorities:

From President’s Three Priorities:

  • Re-imagine and reinvent undergraduate education

From IT@UofT Strategic Plan:

  • Extend faculty support for technology enhanced teaching and learning strategies
  • Expand opportunities for leadership development and mentoring initiatives.

Teaching Culture

DLI promotes digital learning opportunities as a support for institutional priorities by facilitating flexible access, enhancing learning, and broadening the experiences of our students as they prepare for future engagement within a technology-driven world.

Our goal is not only to build online courses, digital resources and learning programs, but also to build the capacity in others to do so. To use a common metaphor, the “teach them to fish” approach is taken whenever possible.

Instructors are supported in their exploration of emergent technologies, gathering and sharing evidence of effective practice garnered through their experiences in pedagogical innovation.