AR VR Projects

Project Profiles

Fahad Alam and Clyde Matava, Department of Anesthesia, “Collaborative Human Immersive and Interactive Lab (CHISIL)” at Sunnybrook Hospital and the Hospital for Sick Kids: Immersive pre-surgery “orientation”/ exposure therapy

MADLab, Gerstein Science Information Center (St. George campus):
Virtual Reality Services
MADLab Manager: Mike Spears

Shadi Dalili, Chemistry, UTSC, 3D molecule visualizations

Siobhan O’Flynn, Canadian Studies, English and Drama:
AR Project Toronto Kensington Market Hidden Histories

Marc Dryer, Biomedical Communication, Forensic Science, UTM:
Showcase of Biomedical visualizations by faculty and students in the Biomedical Communications Graduate Program

Dawn Kilkenny, Bill Ju, Maria Papaconstantinou, Chris Garside, Andrey Shukalyuk:
Active Learning Opportunities Through Virtual Lab (Labster) Curricular Integration

Dawn Kilkenny, Alexander Sullivan
Biomedical Virtex Lab Project

Brian Sutherland, Biomedical Communications, Faculty of Information – UofT, UTSC:
AR Projects