Clinical Courses: Online Teaching and Learning Interest Group

What is it?

Image of Clinical contextClinical Courses: Online Teaching & Learning Interest Group fosters a community group to explore relevant aspects of instructional practice in the online context and to promote professional development through regular, informal meetings to share strategies and experiences.

Who can join?

Anyone from U of T (faculty and staff) can join this informal interest group. If you have an interest in online methods for practical experiential learning, standard patient interventions, interactive online simulations and other alternative delivery methods, you are welcome to take part.

How to join?

Please contact to receive invitations to monthly round tables.

Resources Shared by Group


  • Interactive asynchronous modules in Articulate Storyline
  • Case studies supported by clinical instructor
  • ShadowHealth can handle multi-patient cases, ethical cases
  • Standardized patients with (sessions with actors facilitated through Zoom) & use MS forms to submit answers in real time 
  • Virtual Practice Fridays – actor is simulated client for closed group of 10 students 
  • Simulation – simulated clients for groups of 12 students; scenarios; formative assessment options (post-reflection, written response in small groups, non-standardized questionnaire scale that observers use to provide peer feedback)
  • Standard Patients – video capture of actors following a script; students are prompted with specific questions, give a potential response, etc. 
  • Scaffolded mental health modules – created online learning modules that scaffold student learning – not to replace human interaction, but better prepare them for practical experience.
  • For clinical PT skills and interviewing skills, students video record themselves completing the tasks; 2-3 peers and faculty member provide feedback