Labster – Fall 2020 Pilot

Screenshot of Labster PlatformBackground: Several innovation projects leveraging virtual labs developed by Labster have been undertaken in undergraduate and graduate contexts at U of T in recent years.  Faced with the challenge of remote teaching in the coming months, the use of these online labs on common STEM topics may provide an effective option for additional courses across many program areas. For more information about the Labster platform, please see: Everything you need to know about virtual labs.

Pilot Opportunity: As an extension to current divisional licensing, Labster has offered a fall pilot to accommodate up to 10 additional instructors and/or course sections with up to 10 labs each on a one term basis. The following instructors will be participating in the program:

Dawn Kilkenny FASE Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Jon Rocheleau FASE Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Jennifer Farmer FASE Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
Ariel Chan FASE Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
Frank Gu FASE Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
William Ju FAS Human Biology Program
Maria Papaconstantinou FAS Human Biology Program
Jessica Hill Faculty of Medicine Molecular Genetics

Labster Support at U of T: The Labster platform has been fully vetted by Academic and Collaborative Technology and the Information Security units, including a full data privacy and security review in the summer of 2020. Effective August 17 it will be available as an integration in Quercus academic toolbox as a platform that may be licenced by divisions or at a course level. For the current pilot, technical assistance for implementation at the course level is provided by Online Learning Strategies. Please contact for more information and assistance.

Past Labster Innovation Project at U of T