Ontario Exchange – Funding for digital learning development services

eCampusOntario has announced the launch of the Ontario Exchange (OEX) program, which supports digital learning projects by covering the cost of matched external service providers for qualified projects.  Funding provided by the Government of Ontario’s Virtual Learning Strategy mandate will be disbursed on a first come first serve basis until all funds have been distributed.​​​​​

The aim of the initiative is matching of postsecondary institutions with service providers who have expertise in digital learning and content creation services, including instructional designers, multimedia developers, accessibility consultants and other specializations. The program provides funding directly to Ontario-based professionals vetted by eCampusOntario, so that they may provide services needed to complement and extend current university project work. The application process is as follows:

  • Applicants submit their projects as Expressions of Interest (EOI) through the Ontario Exchange website.
  • Selected projects will be referred to a choice of pre-qualified and contracted service providers.
  • Ontario Exchange will cover the cost of approved projects. Service providers contracted for selected projects will be paid directly by eCampusOntario.

Successful applicants to OEX will receive an agreement that must be signed by an individual with binding authority for the university. At the University of Toronto, the agreement must be signed by the Vice-Provost, Innovations in Undergraduate Education (VPIUE). Please advise the VPIUE at vp.iue@utoronto.ca if you are applying for OEX funding, and ensure that administration of contracts is completed with appropriate signatory.

Screenshot of OEX site

Licensing of Content Created through CVLP Funding

A focus on collaboration, reuse, and system-wide benefit is at the core of  eCampusOntario’s Virtual Learning Strategy. To help realize this vision, all net new content created with CVLP funding will be:

  • Delivered for deposit in the eCampusOntario Library for sustainable retention of final product.
  • Made available for use by institutions across the province using an appropriate license (for example, a Creative Commons license or  Ontario Commons 1.0 license).