Riipen: Facilitating Experiential Learning

Screenshot of Riipen PortalAre you thinking about how to incorporate experiential learning into your upcoming winter 2019 course? One way is via “Riipen,” an online platform available to all faculty at the University of Toronto. Riipen helps faculty provide meaningful project based experiences to students by connecting them with interested employers.

Over the past year, Prof. Phani Radhakrishnan (Dept. of Mgt, UTSC) and other instructors have been working on a LEAF-funded pilot using Riipen. In this interactive session Prof Radhakrishnan will discuss how one can start small or go large with these projects. She will present ways to design work-integrated learning projects with Riipen, how to incorporate learning goals and how to evaluate student learning in them. She wil conclude with a discussion of successes and challenges that faculty can expect to face in this exciting new journey of experiential learning!

Workshop goals:

This session will help you:

  • determine the suitability of Riipen for use in your course
  • use a simple framework for mapping learning outcomes to a project outline

This instructor-led session will be available in two formats:

Online Webinar
Wed. Dec 12 at 10 am – 11 am
Webinar details to follow

In Person:
Wed. Dec 12 at 1 pm – 2 pm
Rm 8256 – Bahen Building

Please register to attend:

[Riipen: Facilitating Experiential Learning – Registration Form ]

Our partnership contact from Riipen will also be available after each session to answer questions regarding use of the platform.

Co-hosted by Digital Learning Innovation and FASE Education Technology Office.