Innovation in Digital Learning at University of Toronto

Image of hand pointing at word "learning"The University of Toronto has received approximately $1.8M through a new Virtual Learning Strategy (VLS) funding program, targeting improved access and innovation to digital resources for Ontario students. The initiative represents a $50 million investment by the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities intended to expand and enrich learning through development of online course content, modules and open textbooks.

As we have learned during the past year, U of T has the capacity to respond to emergent needs for digital resources to address curricular activities across the disciplines. Through the VLS program additional rich learning content will be available to our own students, as well as those at other institutions across the province and beyond. The content created through his program will be shared via the eCampusOntario Library platform in February 2022, allowing others to benefit through re-use and adaptation of the resources created by our lead instructors and their collaborators.

Projects funded by the VLS program are as follows:

Project Lead Project Title Department
Frances Garrett Teaching for Student Flourishing Study of Religion, FAS
Jessica Slomka Matter in Motion: A transdisciplinary course exploring physical processes Chemical and Physical Sciences, UTM


John Hannah Supporting Academic Resilience for International Students Division of Student Life


Jessica Slomka Virtual Earth: Technology-based Earth Sciences Lab Series Chemical and Physical Sciences, UTM


Greg Evans Customizable Lab Simulations for Chemistry, Environment, and Engineering Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, FASE


Cindy Woodland, Derek Ng, Stavroula Andreopoulos A Multimedia Approach to Understanding Drug Interactions Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacology and Toxicology and Biochemistry; Dept. of Biology, UTM


Kim Mackinnon Designing for Meaningful Synchronous and Asynchronous Discussion in Online Courses Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Kathy Trip, Jean Wilson Simulation of Gynecological Examinations Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing


Michal Kasprzak,Cristina D’Amico Developing Your Teaching Dossier: A Series of Four OER Asynchronous Online Modules Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation
Bill Ju, Franco Taverna Building a common undergraduate Neuroscience OER for broad use across the Ontario curriculum Human Biology, FAS
Erin Styles, Johanna Carroll Introductory Coding for Genomics – An Asynchronous Online Course for Life Science Student Molecular Genetics, Faculty of Medicine
Yuchong Li, Andreas Hilfinger Developing Stay-at-Home Experiment Modules for Introductory Physics Courses Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences, UTM
David Kwasny, Krystle Phirangee Digital Learning Producers Online Training UTSC Library; Centre for Teaching & Learning, UTSC
Jim Hewitt, Clare Brett An Introduction to Effective Online Teaching for Elementary and Secondary Instructors Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Nick Eyles A country on the move: Canada’s changing landscapes Department of Physical and Environmental Science, UTSC
Erika Loney; Nadia Rosemond; Edward Al Hearn Bilingual Student Preparation Modules for Experiential Learning (French and English) Office of Student Experience & Wellbeing, UTSC; Centre for Teaching & Learning, UTSC
Shafique Virani Islam and Muslim Civilizations Online Historical Studies, UTM
Aleksandra Bjelajac Mejia Virtual Immersive Simulations to Promote Practice Readiness to Full Scope for Pharmacy and Pharmacy Technician Students: A Collaborative Approach Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
Tom Coyle Modules to support online delivery of advanced ceramic course Department of Materials Science and Engineering, FASE
Judi Laprade Creating a digital library of 3D scanned human-anatomical prosections for allied health science education Division of Anatomy, Department of Surgery
Alexandra Motut, Essyn Emurla Teamwork Skills for Undergraduates by Rotman Commerce Centre for Professional Skills (RC-CPS) Rotman School of Management/Rotman Commerce
Laura Dempster Preparing Tomorrow’s Clinician’s with TeleOralHealth Faculty of Dentistry
Fiona Rawle Arrival Activities for Student Engagement – an Open Educational Resource Dept of Biology, UTM
Vivienne Luk The Language of Forensics Forensic Science Program, UTM


Fiona Rawle Humanizing Online Teaching and Learning: An Instructor Guide and Training Module Dept of Biology, UTM
Karen Smith, Oya Mercan Engineering in a Changing Climate – A Transdisciplinary Workshop Series for Engineering and Climate Science Students Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences UTSC
Stella Ng, Nicole Woods Advancing the CACE Homecare Curriculum Speech-Language Pathology; Dept of Family and Community Medicine
Essyn Emurla, Alexandra Motut Effective Virtual Communication and Presentations by Rotman Commerce Centre for Professional Skills Rotman School of Management/Rotman Commerce
Jon French IP Education Program Level 1 – Patenting Strategies UofT Entrepreneurship, VPRI
Jon French IP Education Program – Level 2 – Patenting Strategies UofT Entrepreneurship, VPRI
Helen Tran STEM Education <> Design Thinking Chemistry, FAS

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