Learning to Learn Online

As this term comes to an end we look forward to a new year, a new semester and new offerings of online courses.

Online Learning Strategies has developed a new resource page that is open to use and share with students to help prepare them for learning online.

Is Taking an Online Course Right for Me?

Keyboard and Desk

This resource, developed with the input of various instructors of fully online courses, offers potential students an opportunity to consider if they have the technical capacity as well as the motivation and self-management skills to benefit fully from the online classroom experience.

It also offers students who pursue online learning some tips and strategies to start off right in a new course and continue the momentum as the course progresses.

A slidedeck summary is also available to share as a link or embed in a course Blackboard site.

Any instructor leading a fully online course, or an online component in a course, is welcome to use and share the resource. Having a reference available to help clarify common misconceptions will help students transition into this new mode of teaching and learning. As enrollment in online courses grows our goal is to ensure every student new to it will have a better understanding of what online learning is and how to be successful in these offerings.

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