– For students – and for instructors too!

Do your students need access to online resources to brush up on software or technical skills? How about coaching on communication and presentation skills? Or perhaps as an instructor you need a quick tutorial on creating course modules in Quercus – or using Office 365. From A to Z, Adobe to Zoom, you can find a treasure-trove of instructional videos and practice activities via the learning platform now available at U of T.

That’s right. Students, staff, and instructors have access to the full catalogue – all videos, assessments and activities – through a new provincial licence to Using your UTORid to log in, you may choose from more than 1,400 online self-paced courses that cover a wide range of topics, including professional development, business, IT, software, and design. There are even playlists for teaching strategies! Use the resources to support personal learning and development or integrate relevant content as a supplement to course materials. Explore to find, curate and share content, whatever the learning need.

Read the full details for access.

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