Kudos to Online/Hybrid Program Coordinator – OISE

Coleen Scully-Stewart Recognized for “Contribution to Teaching”

Congratulations to Coleen Scully-Stewart, the Program Coordinator for OISE’S new Online/Hybrid Master of Education on receiving OISE’s 2017 award for Distinguished Contribution to Teaching.  As part of the Educational Leadership & Policy Program expansion, Coleen spearheaded planning for this new cohort-based initiative which has now launched a second cohort, reflecting the demand from students throughout the province of Ontario and beyond.

The program is exceptional in the overall design of the learner experience, specifically developed to meet the unique needs of an online learning community of working professionals.  These graduate students are provided with an opportunity to engage in exploring questions of leadership, policy, change and social diversity in schools, while linking theory to practice in their own work environments. Coleen led the process of establishing a well-integrated cohort, collaborating with the instructor team and with OISE’s Education Commons to create a virtual community space that extends beyond required coursework. The team attended the CTSI Course Design Institute as a group to join efforts on the course planning process. Also, Coleen and her team worked with the OISE Registrar to develop an UTORid access process that would not require students to physically come to campus to the T-Card office – a first at UofT.

According to Coleen, the most challenging aspect of establishing the program was “designing an online space that would foster a strong sense of community for cohort members.”  However, this hard work has had its rewards. Our award-winning faculty member notes, “it is gratifying to know that we are able to provide an OISE  MEd program in Educational Leadership and Policy for students who, until now, would not have had access.  The learning for all is enriched by having perspectives from widely varying contexts across the province and the globe.”

Congratulations to Coleen on her leadership in the development of an Online/Hybrid Master of Education Program that exemplifies a comprehensive and fully integrated approach to ensuring a positive graduate student experience.

Photo of Coleen Scully-Stewart and Dean Glen Jones


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